Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014 Bloom Day?

Last night the temperatures plummeted to 12 degrees (F).  We had 4 to 5 inches of snow the day before.
Temperatures are forecast to only reach freezing for the high for the next week.  This is not the wet snow and gone by noon snow.  It is cold.

Those pansies, are in the house.  Winter has certainly returned, with a vengeance.  Previously, the soil was still frozen down around four inches.  Those top four inches may be in doubt, too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Garden Sense of Home: What's on Your Plate?

(Photo: www.softpedia.com)
Mother Nature is seriously messing with us.  I suppose she feels we (people) have it coming.  Gardeners are just the collateral damage.

Overnight the rain turned to snow.  It is a heavy snow, but it doesn't appear it is primarily  sleet clinging to the needles of my white pine and various shrubs, so that's all to the good.  The last couple years with the fits and starts between winter and spring, we have had a couple bad ice storms which knocked down power lines and brought down huge branches from my monumental white pine, bouncing them off my tiny hobbit home like it was the backstop on a baseball field for an angry pitcher told to practice.

Ice storms so bad, you remember the dates; last year's on April 10, two years ago on April 12.

Conversations, though, are turning to gardening.  Even among the eaters, who have benefited from my gardening without the work input required.  "Eat local, know your farmer."  For them, I am that, their source of local produce.  Seems beautiful sister-in-law (SIL)has been sharing the wealth, without leaking that information up, or down," the food chain."

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life's Short, Wear Sparkles When You Can

Two of my favorite "sparkles"
My neighbor Andrea is an ambitious woman.  She might not be even 30, although I assume she must be.  She sure seems to have her head screwed on straighter than most at her age.  This is fortunate as she is raising five children, almost unheard of in this day and age.  I am not sure I had it quite so together as she when I was her age.

She and her brood were making the trip from door to SUV while I was working in my front yard and two of the younger girls traipsed across the alleyway so I could admire their latest clothing choices.  One had a ballerina's tutu, possibly the tiara as well, cute patent leather flats with rhinestones and flowers, and leopard print tights.  The other was equally done up in some satiny, silky flowing material with rhinestones and her fav, latest wardrobe addition (I think because of the color), a turquoise quilted vest hugging her from shoulder to knee.

Although their older sister is studying ballet, neither of these two girls do, but the casual observer would think them on their way to some production of some sort.  I knew better this was not the case.

They were very cute.  Sparkly.

Andrea lets them put together their own wardrobes and wear what they like whenever they like (nearly all the time...she draws the line at tiaras in church).  They take great joy and care in their choices. I find their choices openly amusing and charming.

She called to her daughters to come back and get in the car.   In greeting, I called back, "Life's short, wear sparkles when you can!" 

It stopped her short.  "Yes, it is isn't it.  I'm going to put that on a wall."

Yes, Andrea, it is.  Don't save the good dishes for company or your favorite outfit for a special occasion.  Life is short.